partner-content-image-open-door-fundThe Open Door Fund is a permanent endowment held within The Community Foundation. The fund supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community by granting money to local LGBTQ programs.

An annual fundraising event, The Open Door Dinner, is held in April. Twisted Foundation is proud to support the dinner by sponsoring the participation of a diverse group of 13-17 year old young adults from the LGBTQ and allies youth community. The sponsorship made it possible to set aside any financial or social reasons that may have prevented them from participating. The fresh faces and new energy of our youth ambassadors were warmly received.These young LGBTQ’s and their allies have given the foundation new insight into the current needs and aspirations of their community. We look forward to bringing them into Twisted Foundation as an advisory group to explore possibilities within our programs.

We will be matching all donations up to $50k each year for three years totaling $150k.