We are individuals who recognize that good fortune also brings a responsibility to support many worthy causes. Our own learning curve has shown us that real happiness comes from giving to others. We have now reached a point where we would like to take our efforts to the next level by sharing our idea and inviting others to participate in opening doors for themselves and others. We look forward to growing new partnerships that may bloom into deeper connections of shared purpose and happiness within our community.



We value our partnerships and the energy that comes from furthering shared values, goals and activity. We aspire to model a level of participation that matches financial support with individual hands-on volunteer efforts. We look for partners that possess a passion for combining our shared strengths to move things forward and create opportunities that will take root, grow and flourish.

We recognize that there are so many good organizations already out there doing good work. So, we’re not looking to re-invent the wheel. Rather, in partnering with existing organizations, we look to financially support those groups whose efforts enhance the life of our community and do so by fostering a strong volunteer component.

We are seeking long-term partnerships with organizations that are mission-driven, and share our vision and values to support our community.